Wise Guy Baseball 2014

Wise Guy Baseball 2015

    I'm not publishing Wise Guy in 2015. You are my loyal readers for 18 years and I owe you an explanation: I don't think I can deliver what I have to charge for it. It's not that I lack for things to say, far from it. It's that what I have to say has so much less value than it used to. Most of what I write is to prepare you for drafts, auctions, and salary cap games. But preparation is no longer the main factor in winning. Our games are no longer won at the table. They are won during the season, by reacting the fastest and best to the pandemic injuries, every year a new all-time high. The people who are winning the big money these days are not great drafters. They're good, no question, but I've drafted with all of them and will flat state that they have never beaten me at the table. I can't tell you how many people over the years have approached me and told me that I kicked their asses.

   But they kick my ass during the season. I miss things all the time and they don't. I try to keep up but they do it better.

   And I have another, selfish reason. I play against the best players, and they all know what I'm thinking. I have little or no idea what they are thinking. The players I want get more expensive every year. In 2009 I could walk into a draft and get most of the players I wanted. In 2014, if I had five players I liked for my next pick, by the time I picked four or even all of them would be gone. Round after round. I'd like to try keeping my mouth shut for one year.
I hope you understand.

I love writing WGB and hope to be back in 2016. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your many kind words over these many years. - Gene

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