Daily Picks

If you need Saves on your roto team, take heart. You can almost always get them, or at least identify where they will be coming from, with these simple steps: Find the real teams that are underachieving.  Do this with the Pythagorean formula introduced 35 years ago by Bill James: Runs Scored² divided by (Runs […]

Pitcher – They’re all possible after deGrom so I’m going cheapest with Devenski to max out the hitting. Hitter – Fifteen years from now it might be wrong to take Michael Conforto against a righty. It’s not wrong tonight against Colin Rea.

Hitter – Mark “Dalton” Trumbo is a little TOO hot, but one more bomb off Fat CC before the cool-down. Pitcher – Depends on whether you think Jose Fernandez is the best play. I do, so that makes Drew Smyly #2.

Pitcher – Carlos Martinez at home with Doug Eddings calling balls and strikes. Hitter – Victor Martinez faces Ricky Nolasco and I hope the fielders are wearing their cups.

Pitcher – maybe Kevin Plawecki can get Matt Harvey on track. THROW THE EFFING FASTBALL. Hitter – Gregory Polanco in Coors against stiff righty Jonathan Gray.

Second-best pitcher: Chris Archer should get help from home plate ump Mike Winters Second-best hitter: Daniel Murphy is a dead setup for RBI’s behind Harper, and perhaps a home run of his own.

Pitcher: Aaron Nola at home vs. the Pads Hitter: JD Martinez has his way with Jonathan Niese.

Pitcher: Joe Ross, narrowly over Edinson Volquez. Hitter: Melvin Upton, on fire in Colorado.

Pitcher: Carlos Carrasco – but watch the weather. I’ll switch off to Patrick Corbin if necessary. Hitter: Lots of good hitters today so you get two: expensive – Edwin Encarnacion, cheap – Steve Pearce.

Pitcher: Syndergaard Hitter: Kris Bryant