1st Base Rankings

Goldschmidt – We may have seen his best but five cats will be there.
Votto – 1st rounder going in the 2nd.
Freeman – Same thing.
Rizzo – Same thing.
Abreu – Just a notch below, but hasn’t had his big year yet.
Encarnacion – DH’s don’t get hurt in the field. Yes, he could still get hurt. BA could slide but great RBI slot.
Bellinger OF – If you get a shot at him here, by all means. But you won’t.
Hosmer – If you already have power and are planning on more, as you should be, a nice BA-plus-production building block.
Miguel Cabrera – If you don’t have him anywhere yet, now’s your chance.
Hoskins OF Don’t believe he’s great, don’t believe he stinks, believe in his ups and downs.
Wil Myers – 30/20 with BA upside and downside. Again I think it wise to have a share of him.
Smoak – No one even considers that he could do better.
Chris Davis – If you jumped his current ADP of 253 by 100 players I wouldn’t bat an eye.
Greg Bird – Streak and slump, you really want him to start hot.
Carpenter – Still a good MI but a fallback-and-keep-looking at 1st base.
Zimmerman – Will get hurt but he’ll be leading the league in RBIs when he does.
Bour – Good hitter, bad production with the ballpark and the team.
Josh Bell – .280 with 20 HRs batting cleanup.
Carlos Santana – Could be wrong but look at the pitching he faced last year and compare it to this year.
Marwin Gonzalez 2B SS OF – Again “regression” is taken for granted. You don’t want him at 1B but he plays everywhere.
Yuli Gurriel – Gotta get a backup early but if you need BA he’s got it, with some power upside.
Matt Olson – Streak and slump.
Duda – Streak and slump.
T Mancini OF – Unsexy but productive CI
L Morrison – Again, why won’t he hit 30?
Alonso – Should do the same in a full season but a slow start and his job is in jeopardy.
Belt – Pity about that home park.
Cron – Gets his chance.
Healy 3B – Not bad but again the home park hurts.
Thames OF – Any 1B is a good reserve pick.
Matt Adams OF – See above
Ryan McMahon See above – unless he starts in the majors, then he ranks above Belt.
Moreland – See above
Ad Gonzalez – See above
Napoli – See above.


  1. Posted by Eleuthera Dan | |

    Gene, In my AL-only league, all DHs become 1B, so…where would you slot in Pujols, Han-Ram, and Kendrys in your above rankings? Thanks, Gene! Eleuthera Dan

  2. Posted by | |

    First of all, if any of them are available as reserves they are good picks, and I don’t know if you noticed but our old friend Victor Martinez is smacking the baseball. Pujols is healthy and I’d slot him about even with Logan Morrison. Even if healthy Hanley will miss games, but his RBI slot is great and he figures to be good, so right after Pujols. Morales is the least easily, below Napoli. I’ll slip Victor in as my last reserve if they let me and I bet they do.

    1. Posted by Eleuthera Dan | |

      Beautiful…Albert and LoMo and I’m targeting a Rolls Royce OF…Thanks, Gene! Dan


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