Catcher Rankings

Gary Sanchez – 3rd round OK, not in the 2nd.
Posey – Yes, once 75 players are gone.
Contreras – The production cats say he’s going too high
Realmuto – Someone has to hit in the 1-4 slots in the Marlins’ lineup. An ADP value at 104.
Wilson Ramos – Still think he’s the best bang for the buck at the position.
Sal Perez – Last year he was cheaper and next year he will be too. Unless I’m wrong.
Lucroy – I don’t know what to do with him except that I’m not reaching.
Barnes – Should get the playing time with the 2B option.
Wel Castillo – Good hitter but the defense (handling a young staff) kinda scares me.
Iannetta – Won’t go nearly this high but don’t wait too long.
Zunino – Power but don’t expect better than .220
Y Molina – May well have another good year or two in him.
Avila – Would rank higher but he holds the all-time record for foul balls off his face.
Alfaro – Very much a wild card, has high-average power potential but four years of misery is often the fate of his type.
Chirinos – Acceptable in his place.
Gattis – The world disagrees, but surely the Astros have better DH options.
Flowers – Would rank higher but he might not catch 100 games.
C Vazquez – Nice late pick for BA and a few steals.
Hedges – Similar to Zunino, at this point a reasonable pick.
Grandal – Wouldn’t shock me if he had a career year but Barnes hit righties better.
Br McCann – Looks done to me.
Suzuki – Like Flowers but Suzuki won’t catch 100 games.
Barnhart – Good fallback.
Weiters – Whatever he does it’s going to look really obvious at the end of the year. Wish I knew what he’ll do.
James McCann – Has growth potential, can’t go far wrong here.
R Martin – Also looks finished to me but I thought that a few years ago. Still, I don’t want him.
Jason Castro – Let them laugh at you.
d’Arnaud – Closer by the day to losing his job to Plawecki.
Vogt – Starts hurt, no good reason to take him
Manny Pina – Starts healthy but I don’t see where the numbers will come from.
Cervelli – Limited and injury-prone.


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    Thoughts on Francisco Mejia for 2018?

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      Mejia didn’t make the list because without immediate value I couldn’t fit him. There is nothing wrong with him as a late reserve in mixed leagues, and I can see bidding a buck and stashing him in AL leagues, but I wouldn’t regard either as a priority unless you are weak at catcher. I suspect that Perez is going to take the Cleveland job and be a decent 2nd catcher – low BA but good power for the 2nd catcher slot.


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