First Shot Blind – Looking at 2018 Rookies

Brent Honeywell Highly hyped, for good reason but it’s still hype, and it’s mushrooming. Just like there was good reason to hype Sean Manaea last year (ADP 165), not to mention Jharel Cotton (217), only it didn’t work out. It often doesn’t with young pitchers. Very often. Most of them struggle at first, and if you say “tell us something we don’t know,” I will reply then why do these guys keep going so high? It is defensible but I think unwise to take Honeywell at 217, in my book he’s more 317. Honeywell is a potential #1 SP next year, true, but he could more easily be a minus-$ pitcher in 2018. And he can be anything in between, which is a vast expanse of most likely, with no real reason to expect a #217 pitcher this year. $8
He throws a screwball, which is cool. By my reckoning there have been only two screwballers in the last ten years, Hector Santiago and Jim Mecir. Have I missed anyone?

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