George Springer and a Couple of Others

George Springer  He’ll be 28 years old in September, with zero growth since he arrived. Take him for what he is and you won’t cry at the end, but your league won’t allow that. Springer is still regarded as a rising young star, the 8th OF taken when he should be about the 20th. Note the 9 SBs last year and his 65% career success rate. $21 is plenty.

Yasmany Tomas  A monster vs. lefties (.364/.423/.690) but not really good enough to play vs. righties (.242/.276/.449), especially considering his piss-poor defense in both outfield corners. If the current power surge continues his one real skill is diminished and I am going to tread carefully, which means no higher that my 4th OF in a mixed league. $15, one less in OBP leagues.

Christian Yelich Regarding his heretofore absurdly high GB rate (62% going into last year), I wondered if Yelich was doing it intentionally because of his homer-horrid home park. Well, he raised his FB rate from 15% to 20% last year, most of that on the road according to Very few hitters can do that and so yes I think he is that good a hitter, which means among other things that we haven’t seen his best yet. We should see at least one .320 with 25 HRs season. An 80% lifetime basestealer, he should get back to his norm of 18. Yelich has been a bit overpriced so far, but that higher price is I think justified for the next few years, as long as it doesn’t go much higher. $24

Prices are what I would pay in a standard 5×5 mono league.

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    Geno, doing wiseguys baseball this year?


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