Outfield Rankings

I’m off to Vegas tomorrow for the NFBC Main Event on Saturday. If you’re drafting this weekend, go get ’em.

Trout – You know about him.
Harper – I don’t KNOW about him, but he’s as good a bet as anyone to be the best hitter in the game this year.
Betts – Primed.
Blackmon – As high a floor as anyone, just don’t expect more than 15 SBs.
Stanton – The over/under would be 54 HRs if the over/under on his games played wasn’t 130.
Judge – The BA luck can just as easily be good.
JD Martinez – My friend John Menna insists that we take him in the NFBC, even over Judge. I own Judge already, I’ll go along.
Springer – This year’s Blackmon.
Justin Upton – Unsexy but give him time and he delivers.
Yelich – Gotta think the new park makes 20 HRs automatic, with .300 and 15 SBs in a good lineup,
Benintendi – Should go right with Yelich.
Pollock – Just hope the injuries aren’t severe.
Cespedes – Did what he needed to do, work on flexibilty. Still very capable of a monster season.
Bellinger 1B – Like I said, I’m leaning toward more slump than streak this year.
McCutchen – Nice building block at his 93 ADP.
Pham – I’m mostly a believer
Khris Davis – 40 HRs are double 20.
Braun – Falling too far. At least five guys above him are just as injury-prone.
Adam Eaton – Healthy and ready to lead the league in Runs.
Starling Marte – I have him lower than most because the on-the-come bets have not paid off.
Puig – I don’t think people realize how good he is. Head seems straight.
Hoskins 1B – I’m not insulting him, just nodding to the streak-and-slump.
Conforto – Hit two HRs yesterday. Buy.
Marcel Ozuna – Again, mostly a believer but his 47 ADP is too high.
Byron Buxton – Still reminds me of Melvin Upton, but Buxton has worked hard to get better and 35 SBs are a given.
Domingo Santana – Expect consistency.
Lorenzo Cain – Great real player when he’s on the field, a little light in the cats for where he’s going (78).
Ian Desmond – The Coors floor but as a hitter he’s past-prime. Still has his speed though.
Chris Taylor 2B – You might want him at 2nd base, you might want him in the OF, but I think you want him.
Inciarte – Adam Eaton lite, only Eaton is still going 32 players after Inciarte.
Avisail Garcia – The 50th outfielder off the board. You won’t have to take him here.
Gregory Polanco – Gets the benefit of the doubt. This time.
Eddie Rosario – O ye of little faith!
Souza – Take the good with the bad and try not to watch him.
Adam Jones – The decline is still productive.
Marwin Gonzalez 1B 2B SS  Here he is again.
O Herrera – I like him but I wonder where he will bat, and if he will lose time to Altherr and Williams.
Billy Hamilton – I rank him low but perhaps not low enough.
Kiermaier – Could still emerge.
Eduardo Nunez 2B 3B  The DL renders flexibility irrelevant.
Michael Taylor – Batting 7th not 8th will help his SBs. Worth a shot.
Manuel Margot – Probably not as advanced as Taylor, but no doubt about the talent and I could be wrong.
Gardner – Hanging tough but almost surely we have seen his best.
DeShields – SBs guaranteed if he hits enough to keep his job.
Mazara – High floor, pretty high ceiling too.
Dexter Fowler – Embrace the risk and keep looking.
Mallex Smith – Has the job and the speed.
Mancini 1B – Building block at filler prices.
M Brantley – Played in a game the other day. I guess that’s good.
Duvall – No team will sit 31 home runs.
Ronald Acuna – I have no chance to get him ranked here.
Happ 2B – Maybe he hits his way to everyday play. I can’t bet much
Schwarber – Streak and slump, less than full-time.
Aaron Hicks – I worry that at some point he sits against righties. I could easily be wrong.
Pillar – About due for his best, such as it is.
Austin Hays – Job appears secure, he can hit.
Haniger – Good hitter, tough park.
Piscotty – Little to lose taking him here.
Bruce – The odds favor a down year.
Victor Robles – One injury away.
K Calhoun – Higher than I originally had him.
Grichuk – Also moves up due to greater job security and a better home park.
Carlos Gomez – Take him and be ready to bail.
Kemp – No question he can still hit. Playing time a question but they say bet on the skills.
Choo – One of these years he’s going to lose it but I don’t think yet.
J Dyson                S
Schebler                   P
CoreyDickerson         E
Br Zimmer                     C
Reddick                            U
Jose Pirela                           L
Jackie Bradley                       A
Lewis Brinson                           T
Cargo                                            I
D Peralta                                         O
Melky Cabrera                                   N
Parra                                                      S
Dustin Fowler
Nick Williams                                            B
Eloy Jimenez                                                 E         
Altherr                                                               T
Maybin                                                                  T
Nimmo                                                                      E
Willie Calhoun                                                             R
A Almora                                                                           A
Dahl                                                                                       N
Jake Bauers                                                                              D
Trumbo                                                                                              W
Adam Frazier                                                                                         O
Harrison Bader                                                                                          R
Matt Adams1B                                                                                               S
Jose Bautista                                                                                                      E
Rajai Davis
Keon Broxton



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    Well? How was nfbc?

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      I’ll write it up tomorrow. I did come back with more money than I left with, that always improves my mood.


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