Daily Picks

Gary Sanchez – 3rd round OK, not in the 2nd. Posey – Yes, once 75 players are gone. Contreras – The production cats say he’s going too high Realmuto – Someone has to hit in the 1-4 slots in the Marlins’ lineup. An ADP value at 104. Wilson Ramos – Still think he’s the best […]

Snapshot becauset the rankings will change almost every day.   Scherzer Kluber Sale Kershaw   I bow to the consensus that they are the Big Four but I’d just as soon have deGrom as Kershaw. Syndergaard could of course beat them all, indeed yet-unnamed SPs will beat them, or some of them. deGrom Syndergaard Strasburg […]

I keep hearing the experts enthuse over how much more valuable relievers are these days. Just now: “Relievers are now pitching almost 40% of the innings!” NOW IT CAN BE TOLD! But fella, first of all you’re saying that starters are pitching more than 60% of the innings. Fewer than they used to, true, but […]

Around the diamond, several hitters who are getting no play or negative play in the TwitterBlogverse. This is always good for their ADP. C – Chris Iannetta is 18th off the board in 122 NFBC drafts since 3/5/18, with a 256 overall ADP, and that’s a beautiful thing. The pairing of Wilson Ramos with Iannetta […]

So goes Willie Calhoun. A surprise, since it leaves the Rangers with a platoon of Drew Robinson and Ryan Rua in leftfield. That work on Calhoun’s D has not borne fruit as hoped. Figure they sign a free agent, Jose Bautista or Melky, maybe Brandon Moss or Andre Ethier. Gleyber Torres was no surprise. Gleyber […]

Figure in any 5-man rotation these days, two of them will miss at least a month. It could easily be worse and it won’t be much better. The Bronx version: Severino looks like a bull but then so did Pineda at this time last year. Tanaka’s elbow is said to be hanging by a thread, […]

I see Gattis going high among catchers, and I didn’t even rank him. I thought that Gattis would be lucky to get 300 ABs, and I still think it, but he should be ranked. So I’m ranking him #16, which assures I won’t get him. I omitted Dee Gordon on the one-page ranking sheet. 2nd […]

Aaron Altherr  Absent an injury he platoons or close to it with Nick Williams, affecting both. Of course Altherr is no stranger to injury himself. Don’t be surprised if one is traded for a pitcher. Then either is a rather nice #4 OF in mixed leagues. Until then both are reserve picks. Yandy Diaz  I […]

Pedro Araujo   Dominant in the minors but his twist is that Araujo gets by on his breaking ball, which in the minors he threw for strikes. Fastball is maybe a tick better than average. Apparently he is a closer candidate in Baltimore – as a Rule 5 pick (from the Cubs) he has to stick […]

Greg Allen  Likely to get a crack at a fulltime OF job in Cleveland if Brantley doesn’t play OR Bradley Zimmer starts slowly OR gets hurt himself. The Tribe could also pick up an OF of course. If all goes well for the team, Allen will start in AAA. Greg is a True Burner easily […]