Daily Picks

Pitcher: Joe Ross, narrowly over Edinson Volquez. Hitter: Melvin Upton, on fire in Colorado.

Pitcher: Carlos Carrasco – but watch the weather. I’ll switch off to Patrick Corbin if necessary. Hitter: Lots of good hitters today so you get two: expensive – Edwin Encarnacion, cheap – Steve Pearce.

Pitcher: Syndergaard Hitter: Kris Bryant

Pitcher: Clayton Kershaw. Yeah, there is somebody better. Hitter: Eddie Rosario. He’s going to be more expensive soon, enjoy him while you can.

No Fan Duel Sunday.  I’m using the Daily Pick free space to post my 2nd-best pitcher and 2nd-best hitter picks. This is by way of an advertisement and a tease, crass money-grubber that I am. Thin slate, lacking in truly outstanding plays. Not to tease more than I have to, but beyond the #1 picks […]

FYI, my plan is to post Sunday’s picks on Saturday night, Sunday morning at the latest but I hope not. What I will post here in the free area are my 2nd-best picks for that day, one pitcher and one hitter. More complete picks will be in the premium “blog” section.

Is anyone else having problems accessing the premium content? A few subscribers have had trouble. Please email me at genethem@aol.com if so, and I apologize.

Posted by peter.juncaj@gmail.com | 47 mins ago | Permalink Edit This Gene if you could go back in time and lose one of your early big buys to have the money saved to scoop up the pitching that you liked (like Garcia, Matz, etc) at the end of the draft, which player would you give […]

Danny Espinosa Watch: he’s 0-for-11. Trea Turner has 3 SBs. But this is Dusty Baker. Carlos Rodon pitched four innings without a walk, if he keeps that up he’ll earn his #136 ADP. Teammate Jose Quintana is well behind Rodon at #161. The triumph of hope over experience. I’m not saying it’s wrong but Quintana […]