Pedro Araujo   Dominant in the minors but his twist is that Araujo gets by on his breaking ball, which in the minors he threw for strikes. Fastball is maybe a tick better than average. Apparently he is a closer candidate in Baltimore – as a Rule 5 pick (from the Cubs) he has to stick or they give him back. Araujo went for $6 in the AL LABR auction tonight, so don’t mind me, but it seems more likely that Araujo pitches middle relief. $1

Brandon Drury  Should find Yankee Stadium a pleasant place to hit. Chase Field helped him and the Stadium will help more (11% to 23% HR increase for righty hitters). He’ll bat down in the lineup but it means a lot less when it’s the Yankees. The Yankees had 400 more PA’s last year than the Padres, 130 more than the Dbacks. And more baserunners too. Drury played an excellent 2nd base last year and could wind up there or 3rd base; between the two he looks very much like a fulltime player. His ADP will rise and it should, definitely a viable MI in mixed leagues, especially if your speed is in the outfield.

Keone Kele  Closer to closing if the talk is true, anyway he’s going to make the team absent another behavioral outburst. So he should take money in AL leagues. How much I don’t know yet, but assuming he starts the year first in line I would bid $5.

Cameron Maybin  Have to figure he’s the CF in Miami until he gets hurt. Very much mixed-league viable as a #5 OF, perhaps your 4th if you need speed. For sure there will be another power bat available at your next pick and the pick after that. You’ll need all you can get.



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    I looked at the AL LABR results and did not see Araujo picked ?

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      Turns out he was a placeholder for Jake Arrieta, who was not on their AL list. Now I feel better.

  2. Posted by sheridanpt@aol.com | |

    Me too LOL!


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