Updating Tips for Young Lovers

Aaron Altherr  Absent an injury he platoons or close to it with Nick Williams, affecting both. Of course Altherr is no stranger to injury himself. Don’t be surprised if one is traded for a pitcher. Then either is a rather nice #4 OF in mixed leagues. Until then both are reserve picks.

Yandy Diaz  I priced him as a regular in WGB but he’s not, he’s the #1 utility IF. It’s harder to hit for BA in irregular ABs, and that’s Yandy’s main contribution, so now he’s a $1 player.

Adam Eaton  ADP of 149 is well-under value. Two great cats and something in the other three.

Mike Moustakas  Getting close to a downgrade. Another week unsigned and Opening Day is questionable.

Daniel Murphy  Falling on draft boards for no good reason. The last report I saw (2/16) said he was “right on track” for OD. If Murphy is available as your 3rd-best hitter in Round 5, as he currently is, that’s a powerful argument for taking 2 SPs in the first four rounds.



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    So much for Daniel Murphy – “unlikely to be ready for Opening Day.” Drop him down 2-3 slots.


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